McMichael Mills Custom Solutions

Custom Yarn Solutions


custom solutionsSend us your product and we’ll deconstruct it, analyze each yarn, and make the stretch yarns needed to match your product and specifications. McMichael Mills creates more than 500 unique customer-driven designs and over 50 new in-house innovations every year. Our design team continues to push technology and processes to continually improve our product offering and value to our customers.

Stretch Yarn And More

In addition to our manufacturing that is performed domestically, we also proudly provide Berry Compliant products in both our conventional cover and air-covered yarns.

  • 500 unique customer-driven designs every year
  • 50 new innovative yarns annually
  • Continual in-house design innovations
  • Superior products
  • Flexible order quantities
  • Shorter lead times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable, quality service
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