McMichael Mills Athletic Shoes

Shoe Yarns

McMichael Mills remains at the forefront of knitted footwear innovation as one of the first to offer controlled stretch yarns for the running shoe market. Its lightweight technology not only provides customers additional comfort and performance, but it also improves sustainability through less manufacturing waste.

Performance Yarns For Athletic Shoes

Our athletic shoe yarns are easily customized in a variety of solution-dyed colors to meet your requirements. Our conventional covering process also allows the flexibility to provide both spandex products and products requiring yarns with a rubber core. Depending on your application, we can create yarns with multiple covers and cover types. 

Stretch Yarns For Spandex and Rubber Core ProductS

McMichael Mills athletic shoe yarns applications include, but are not limited to athletic shoes in many industries, spandex shoes, copper tennis shoes, and more.

Yarn categories include:

  • Cut and abrasion-resistant stretch yarns
  • Cool-wick™ silver yarn/zinc yan/copper yarn in antimicrobial stretch yarns
  • Cool-wick™ moisture-wicking stretch yarns

Core Types/Sizes:

  • Spandex: 180 – 520 denier
  • Rubber: 85 - 55 gauge

Cover Yarns:

  • Nylon, package, and solution dyed nylon
  • Polyester, package, solution dyed polyester, and recycled polyester
  • Nomex®
  • Kevlar®
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