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Narrow Woven Fabrics

McMichael Mills is an international leader in the production of elastomeric yarns for narrow fabrics manufacturers. When it comes to narrow fabrics, we believe that high-quality yarns are an essential component in intimate apparel manufacturing. Our custom yarns help to provide narrow woven fabrics additional support to hold the garment in the right position while giving it an aesthetic effect.

At McMichael Mills, we provide superb customer service and high-quality yarn for non-elastic narrow fabric and elastic narrow fabric manufacturers. We are headquartered in Mayodan, North Carolina with two state-of-the-art yarn manufacturing facilities that produce on average 50+ original innovations every year. Our infinite possibilities address conventional-covered and air-covered elastomeric yarns for athletic shoes, socks, narrow fabrics and intimate apparel.

TRUsted By Narrow Woven Fabrics Manufacturers

McMichael Mills offers a wide range of elastomeric yarns customized to meet your exact application, from elastic narrow fabrics to narrow woven fabrics. We provide yarn for narrow woven fabric manufacturers, intimate apparel manufacturers and more. Our yarns can be found in underwear, orthopedic and medical band products as well as industrial and safety products, including but not limited to:

  • Bra straps
  • Waistbands
  • Support webbing
  • Non-slip elastic tape
  • Safety harnesses
  • Binding tapes
  • Flame-resistant elastic webbing
  • Helmet suspensions

Our customers value our extensive offering of yarns that can be used to create customized narrow woven fabrics products or narrow elastic fabrics products to address your specific needs.


Core Types/Sizes:

  • Spandex/Lycra®: 40 – 2240 denier
  • Rubber: 75 - 22 gauge

Cover Yarns:

  • Nylon, dyed nylon
  • Polyester, dyed polyester, recycled polyester, and spun polyester
  • Kevlar®
  • Nomex®
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