McMichael Mills Performance Yarns

High-Performance Yarns

As a nationally recognized yarn converter, McMichael Mills expertly combines performance yarn fibers with spandex and rubber latex to create a wide range of engineered yarns for all textile markets.

Engineered Yarn Process

Our branded Treflex™ process delivers superior comfort with true stretch capability and protection. It combines spandex and textured fibers with spun fibers to achieve a stretch yarn with an ultrasoft hand.

Performance Yarns

Examples of our performance yarns could include flame-resistant yarns, yarn for antimicrobial fabric, comfort stretch yarn, moisture wicking yarn, cooling yarns, yarn for high-performance wick, yarn for moisture-wicking textile for silver and more. 

Our high-performance yarns include, but are not limited to:

  • Treflex™ spun-stretch yarn fibers
  • Flame-resistant yarns
  • Cut and abrasion-resistant yarns
  • Cool-wick™ silver/zinc/copper antimicrobial yarns
  • Cool-wick™ moisture-wicking yarns

Yarn Core Materials And Sizes: 

  • Spandex: 10 - 2240 yarn denier
  • Lycra® Soft Stretch: 120 - 720 denier
  • Rubber: 100 - 22 gauge

Yarn Cover Materials And Types:

  • Ring spun cotton yarn and open end cotton yarn
  • Polyester yarn
  • Spun polyester yarn
  • Nylon yarn
  • Nomex® yarn
  • Kevlar® yarn
  • Polypropylene yarn
  • Cool-wick™ silver based antimicrobial yarn
  • Zinc based antimicrobial yarn
  • Copper based antimicrobial yarn
  • Cool-wick™ moisture wicking yarn
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